Delivery and Hanging

Each Frugal Framer location offers delivery and hanging to a limited surrounding area.  This basic hanging service is limited to frames completed at the Frugal Framer and applies to drywall substrates only. Staircases, areas over large fireplace mantles and hangings that require ladders may be excluded.

Delivery Only
Each individual item of $350.00 or more (before tax) or combined purchases of $500.00 or more (before tax) will be delivered free. Regular delivery for an item under $350.00 (before tax) is $49.00 which includes one hanging if required. Each additional item that needs to be hung will cost $9.00 each.

Delivery & Hanging
Free for items over $350.00 or more (before tax). If multiple pieces are being delivered, only those items of $350.00 or more (before tax), will be hung at no charge. The other additional pieces under $350.00(before tax) will be charged $9.00 each for hanging. If an item is close to $350.00, the price difference of the item can be charged to satisfy the $350.00 (before tax) free delivery requirement.

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