As a full service frame shop we offer competitive pricing on all of our glazing materials. Currently we stock regular and non-glare glass, regular and non-glare acrylite, UV clear and UV non-glare glass, UV clear and non-glare acrylite, as well as TruVue Museum glass.

Glazing materials are one of the most important components in the framing process, not only for the appearance of the artwork, but its preservation as well. Careful consideration of the artwork is required in order to choose the correct material to protect your piece from fading, foxing and discoloration. Will the piece be exposed to a direct or indirect light source? Will the light source cause unwanted glare? Do I want to safeguard this image over time?

Each piece of artwork is different. The professional staff at The Frugal Framer will ask the right questions and help you determine the appropriate glazing material for you and your work of art.






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