1)  Do you ever put your frames and accessories on sale?

No. The Frugal Framer keeps its prices consistently low everyday eliminating the need for coupons and sales events. Visit us and compare the price and quality. Our 10% pricing guarantee ensures that we will beat the competitions price by 10% for the exact same items (with a printed estimate from our competitor).

2)  Can you replace the broken glass in my picture?

Yes. Carefully bring your picture into The Frugal Framer. Because breaking glass can also cause harm to the frame and the picture, we will inspect your item, advise you of any additional damage that you may wish to address, remove the broken glass and replace with the glazing material of your choice.

3)  Can you re-use my existing glass, mats  and/or  frame on my new image?

Yes. Provided that all items are in good condition, we will gladly work with you to create a new piece with previously used materials.

4)  Can I add a new mat on top of my existing mats or just replace my existing mats altogether?

Yes. Styles, trends and decors change. Older pieces greatly benefit from new mats. Many customers wish to update the look of their pieces with a change of color. The professionals at The Frugal Framer will be happy to help you freshen up your framed pieces.

5)  Do you have pre-cut mats?

Yes. We have a selection of pre-cut acid-free, conservation grade and fabric mats at economical prices.

6)  I only need a custom cut mat.  Can you help me?

Yes.  Custom cut mats can be ordered individually or in multiples. It is always best to have the image(s) on hand so that exact measurements can be taken. Once the mat color and style have been chosen we can process your order promptly.

7)  I have a mirror that is glued to the wall. Can you build a frame to fit it?

No. We are only able to frame freestanding mirrors. Picture frame molding has depth and a rabbet (lip) that helps to hold the glass/mirror in place. The frame depth is not equal to the mirror depth (which is flush to the wall); therefore, the underside of the frame rabbet (lip) will sit above the mirror when the frame is attached to the wall.   The unfinished, unattractive rabbet (lip) would be reflected in the mirror. Unfortunately we do not have the capability to convert our molding into a frame that would be appropriate for wall mounted mirrors.

8)  Can you put my piece together so that I am able to access the back and change out the pictures on my own?

Yes. Simply mention your special requirements to the staff and they will make the appropriate notations on your order.

9)  Can you frame sports jerseys?

Yes. The experienced staff at The Frugal Framer is able to create special pieces to house all types of collectables. In the past we have framed such items as sports jerseys, christening gowns, flags, medals, jewelry, whole magazines, ceramic tiles, figurines, vinyl records and drum sticks to name just a few. Our team will work with you to craft framing that will enhance your treasured possessions.

10)  Can you print a copy of my picture/photo? Can you engrave a plaque for my picture?

No. The Frugal Framer concentrates on the job it does best, framing. We do not offer printing or engraving; however, we can recommend a number of local businesses that provide these services.

11) Can you fix/restore my picture?

No. The Frugal Framer focuses on framing only. In the course of examining your picture we may mention a condition issue that needs attention before framing, but we are not qualified to do restoration work. We can recommend individuals/businesses that specialize in conservation or restoration services.

12)  Can you provide me with a concise framing estimate over the telephone?

No. Framing is an exacting science and an artistic endeavor.  Exact measurements and technical considerations which a lay person may not be able provide are required. Colors, textures, scale, width and frame finishes are all visual elements that need to be taken into account and viewed in person.  Because price is dictated by the size and the materials chosen it is extremely difficult to create a true estimate over the phone. For custom work it is best to bring the piece(s) into the store and let our staff help you arrive at a price that suits your budget and taste.

*We can provide prices over the phone for items with set prices such as pre-framed art, pre-framed mirrors, accessories, plants, florals and tabletop frames.


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