The Frugal Framer strives to offer its customers the widest variety of options for the best value. In store, we carry pre-framed mirrors, both beveled and flat in a selection of frame styles ranging from the traditional, ornate large mouldings to sleek and contemporary designs. In addition to our inventory of in-stock custom mouldings, The Frugal Framer is able to offer an assortment of economical Ready Made frames to fit standard size mirrors.

If you require a particular size, flat or beveled mirrors can be ordered to your specifications or your existing mirror may be utilized. We also carry standard size beveled mirrors ranging from 16” x 20” up to 36”x 48” for immediate turnaround.  A complimentary fit is included with every frame purchased.

Whatever mirror you choose, The Frugal Framer will make sure your choice reflects well on you.




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